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extraordinary services to the medical community since 1983

Medical Physics driven by clinical objectives is our passion. Since its inception in 1983, Applied Physics Services (APS for short) has provided high quality medical physics services with diligence, focus, consistency, reliability, passion and commitment that is vital to quality health care delivery. Perhaps a bit fastidious and old fashioned, we have collaborated in the planning and delivery of tens of thousands of patient treatments in Radiation Oncology - one patient at a time, with compassion and professionalism. We have performed countless calibrations, surveys, accreditations, acceptance tests, and commissioning of linear accelerators, gamma cameras, CT, MRI and planning systems. We have actively participated in the training of well over four hundred radiologists and cardiologists, and over six thousand MRI, CT, US and NM technologists. We ARE passionate about patient care through extraordinary service and education. Driven to provide exquisite services, we are prepared to add discriminating hospitals and clinics to our list of distinguished clients. We welcome your inquiries. Please specify your needs, and contact us today. 

Our mission is to deliver outstanding clinical physics to the medical community efficiently and effectively. 

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This website describes our professional medical and clinical physics services.
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If you are a qualified diagnostic physicist please contact us with your resume and a cover letter detailing your skills as a DP. Preference to consultants.

If you are a qualified therapy physicist please contact us with your resume and a cover letter detailing your skills and experience. Consultants preferred.

We are in need of a consulting radiologist to work on special projects on an hourly basis. Ideal for recent retiree. Please contact us with your resume and a cover letter detailing your skills and experience.


"The value of a man should be seen in what he gives..."  Albert Einstein

"Procrastinating facilities risk financial losses by not becoming accredited..."    
ACR Bulletin, June 2011

"We are star stuff... "   Carl Sagan

"Creating something from nothing is extraordinary; yet being so common we rarely notice it..."  Thomas Padikal, Author, Championing Your Well-Being

"If you want to see a black hole tonight, just look in the direction of Sagittarius at the center of our galaxy. There's a raging black hole holding our galaxy together at the very center of that constellation."   Michio Kaku


Quantum Mechanics is stunningly successful.  It is now poised to transform biology in a big way. If you are a scientist or an engineer and was never introduced to quantum biology, this may be a simple yet effective way to learn the fundamentals of this promising field.  List of Online Classes:

  • Quantum Biology and Life
  • Quantum Biology and Consciousness
  • Holographic Life and Quantum Biology
  • Epigenetics and Quantum Biology

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