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Accreditation puts a heavy demand on the imaging center.

IMIT faculty have been training CT and MRI technologists since 1981. To date they have trained over 8,000 (that IS correct, over eight thousand) MRI and CT Technologists,  500 Radiologists, Surgeons, Physicists and Cardiologists. By working together APS and IMIT can fully support you earn and maintain ACR accreditation. What that means is that your center is prepared with proven physics expertise, your staff credentialed and registered, and continuing education credits are up-to-date with cat A credits.
Nothing is left to chance -- nothing! Take control of ALL aspects of ACCREDITATION today, without jeopardizing your MIPPA eligibility for reimbursement!
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APPLIED PHYSICS SERVICES has been in business since 1983 - that is thirty-five years of continuous high tech services for over several hundred linear accelerators, including Varian, Elekta, Siemens, Microtron, Acceptance Testing, Field Characterization, Computer Simulation of Radiation Fields, Treatment Planning Systems, Radiation Protection of Staff and Patients, IMRT, Multi-leaf Collimation systems, Treatment Planning systems, World's first CT based 3D planning system, Radiosurgery, Intraoperative radiotherapy, Total Skin electron treatment, Total Body irradiation, Radiobiology, Photodynamic Therapy, HDR Brachytherapy, Interstitial Implants, Gynecological Implants, Iodine therapy, LDR Brachytherapy, Seed Implants, Mobile CT for remote hospitals, Quality Assurance for a fleet of CT scanners, Departmental and Shielding Design of numerous Radiation Oncology Departments, the original Medical Physics Data Book, and Direct services to 20,000 Oncology Patients, oncologists, Hospitals and oncology centers.
In addition, APS has trained numerous Dosimetrists, Physicists, Oncologists, Radiobiologists, Technologists, Residents, Biomedical Engineers, Service Engineers, Radiologists and Cardiologists! What that means is that your center receives proven physics services, your staff credentialed and registered, and continuing education credits are up-to-date with accredited cat A credits and nothing is left to chance -- nothing! ALL aspects of ONCOLOGY SERVICES are covered without jeopardizing anything, including reimbursement!