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Business Summary

Applied Physics Services, Inc.  has been in business since 1983.

Medical Physics driven by clinical objectives is our passion.  Since its inceptionin 1983, Applied Physics Services (APS for short) has provided high quality medical physics services with diligence, focus, consistency, reliability, passion and commitment that is vital to quality health care delivery.

 Perhaps a bit fastidious and old fashioned, we have collaborated in the planning and delivery of tens of thousands of patient treatments in Radiation Oncology - one patient at a time, with compassion and professionalism.

We have performed countless calibrations, surveys, accreditations, acceptance tests, and commissioning of linear accelerators, gamma cameras, CT, MRI and planning systems.

We have actively participated in the training of well over four hundred radiologists and cardiologists, and over six thousand MRI, CT, US and NM technologists. We ARE passionate about patient care through extraordinary service and education. Driven to provide exquisite services, we are prepared to add discriminating hospitals and clinics to our list of distinguished clients. We welcome your inquiries.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding clinical physics to the medical community efficiently and effectively.

Here is a list of major milestones from the 1980's through the 2000's:

  1. A clinical objective to limit False Positives and False Negatives in Radiology led to the development of the first computer driven Quality Control Program in 1983. Called DIPP (Digital Image Performance Program) it was implemented on over 150 mobile CT scanners. Since then it became wide spread. Beginning with GE (General Electric) and MEDIQ the imaging industry embraced our model. We perform QC and AT (acceptance testing) of all major medical imaging equipment.
  2.  PET-CT is a pinnacle of human ingenuity -- as is PET, MRI and molecular imaging. With increased complexity comes the need for routine QA -- of nuclear cameras, dose calibrators, etc., some required by NRC -- to assure optimum performance. Our involvement in Nuclear Medicine led to major contributions in the 80's including contributions to MUGA or multigated acquisition.
  3. We assisted - including NRC mandated training and in field departmental set up - over four hundred Cardiologists gain NRC licensure and start up Nuclear Cardiology program, all across the United States
  4.  In Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics driven by clinical objectives is a major passion. We have participated in the exquisite planning and delivery of tens of thousands of patient treatments including Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), High Dose Rate Brachytherapy, seed implants, Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy, US guided implants, 3D and 2D. We are a bit old-fashioned and fastedious when it comes to patient care!
  5.  Radiation Safety/ Radiation Protection is an integral part of responsible radiologic imaging. Working with the hospital's architect we provide radiation confinement to protect the general public, employees an patients. Be it a high energy linear accelerator that operates in the mega-voltage range, or a simple diagnostic radiographic room, we use current NCRP guidelines and regulations in shielding. We also provide radiation dosimetry services that cover a wide range of special situations, including fetal dose estimates and personnel dose monitoring.
  6.  Our physicists are experimental physicists who truly enjoy hands on collaboration. Product development and prototype design are fascinating to us. We have collaborated with General Electric, Battelle, Varian, 3M, MEDIQ, Keithley, Philips and many others including several Universities. For a list of some of our publications click on the link below.
  7.  With innovation comes the need for training and education. We have trained over six thousand (6,000) MRI and CT Technologists, over five hundred (500) Cardiologists and Radiologists, and more. We are committed to quality medical imaging through extra-ordinary education. Its ultimate success is measured by the transformation of health care workers, and the impact they cause in patient care.
  8.  We partner with imaging centers and hospitals gain and maintain ACR Accreditation. Even so, performance of medical equipment is known to shift with time. QC is the time tested procedure of choice to manage it. APS has the qualifications, experience and the necessary platforms for Accreditation of Medical Imaging Equipment. We have also assisted clients with ICAMRL Accreditation services.

APPLIED RESEARCH: Radiation Transport in heterogeneous media, Optimization of image quality in medical imaging.
BASIC RESEARCH: In Vivo Quantum Biology, application of Quantum Mechanics to Biology - such as quantum entanglement, electron tunneling, resonant electron tunneling, and epigenetics - is also being pursued.

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