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The following service options are available in conjunction with Accreditation. Options 2 and 3 include regular software upgrades.
OPTION 1: Site Visit   Most hospitals and imaging centers request we collaborate with them earn Accreditation. Depending on "what's under the hood" we can perform this task with one or more site-visits. Generally speaking if the system pass the ACR criteria, and there's meaningful departmental involvement, we can finish up with one visit. However, failure of any ACR vector requiring corrective service will necessitate a followup visit. So we find it best to charge per site-visit.
OPTION 2: DQCP and DPR - DQCP refers to Digital Quality Control Portal. With this paperless QC Portal the workload is substantially reduced, the QC data are conveniently saved on media, reports are easily generated, and team work is enhanced. The DQCP comes with two options: with or without DPR. With DPR you will receive Daily Physicist Review of DQCP, and feedback by e-mail or phone call when indicated. DPR includes monitoring over sixteen basic parameters for the head-coil with which the phantom data are collected - and other derived quantities such as frequency encoding and phase encoding accuracy. See table below for a partial list of the parameters monitored. With DPR, our physicists can collaborate with you in scrutinizing image quality. Additionally, the center manager is kept informed. Without DPR the site is fully responsible for these functions, and constitutes OPTION 3. There's a two week trial period during which you will incur no charges, and you can choose between OPTIONs 2 and 3. To place an order now  press here . 

OPTION 3: DQCP - This is the same as Option 2 without the Daily Physicist review or DPR. For even more details click on the link to the left 
OPTION 4: Staff Training - As science and technology marches forward, education and training has become pivotal to success. Rather than a cost-center, it is linked to excellence. No longer an option, it is vital to accreditation and re-imbursement. By hosting a seminar you safeguard your Institution's ACR Accreditation by making sure all technical staff meet published criteria. For some innovative and cost-effective options click on this link on Staff Training  

Parameters Measured During Annual Service Visits

Resonant Frequency (Hz)
HC Spatial Resolution
 Integral Uniformity
Bo Decay Rate (nT/Hr) 
Resonant Frequency (Hz)
HC Spatial Resolution X (mm) 
Integral Uniformity T1
Bo Field Decay Rate (nT/Hr)
X-Gradient Coefficient 
RF Transmit Gain
Image Artifacts
 Y-Gradient Coefficient
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Hardcopy/ SPIE/ PACS
Z-Gradient Coefficient
Low Contrast Detectability
MR Gantry/ PSA Functions
 Bo Field Streangth (Tesla)
Gibbs Coefficient Acceptability
 PACS Performance